12.04, not an upgrade from previous versions, Intel Integrated HD graphics. System updates done daily.

The dual monitor capability sort of works, but there are some problems ...

- It only works at all as an extended desktop. I would like to be able to switch from laptop display to external display with the desktop the same in both. Extended desktop mode is compromising performance for playing video on the external.

It won't do this. The 'switches' in System Settings simply don't work at all.

- I can suspend the machine just fine from the top menu, but if I try to do it by closing the lid I lose display and cursor control and have to do a cold shutdown.

- I loaded a new jpg wallpaper which works just fine in single monitor mode. With the external monitor on the system hangs again.

I asked this before and didn't get much of what you'd call a knowledgeable response, and I don't seem to be able to log into askubuntu, so I'm trying here again ... while this certainly isn't enough to drive me back to windows I am not impressed.