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Thread: Unity with Ubuntu Studio?

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    Unity with Ubuntu Studio?

    I have installed Ubuntu Studio and would prefer to use Unity (ubuntu-desktop package). I suppose that I would also need to install the following:

    nautilus gnome-power-manager gnome-screensaver gnome-termina* gnome-pane* gnome-applet* gnome-bluetooth gnome-desktop* gnome-sessio* gnome-user* gnome-shell-common compiz compiz* unity unity* hud zeitgeist zeitgeist* python-zeitgeist libzeitgeist* activity-log-manager-common gnome-control-center gnome-screenshot overlay-scrollba*

    What do I need to clean-up afterwards? I am thinking that there are a lot of XFCE spefic items that need to be removed.

    Lastly, is there anything that I need to do to ensure that low latency kernels continue to be installed on my system?

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    Re: Unity with Ubuntu Studio?

    If you want to remove XFCE, then better install Ubuntu and then add studio packages.

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    Re: Unity with Ubuntu Studio?

    Quote Originally Posted by jejeman View Post
    If you want to remove XFCE, then better install Ubuntu and then add studio packages.
    This. Although, why you'd want to use Unity with UStudio I'm not sure. They use xfce4 because it is lightweight, perfect for a spin dedicated to creating audio/visual material. You really want it as light as possible ...

    I went a minimal install, used xfce4 for the DE and installed ubuntu-studio-audio for my newest setup as I don't need all the other UStudio stuff at the moment.

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    Re: Unity with Ubuntu Studio?

    Not implying that what you want to do is wrong but not having to use Unity was one of the reasons why I moved to Ubuntu Studio
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