All boot disks seem to be traditionally legacy. UEFI is fairly recent. Setting my laptop to legacy boot only, will boot Parted Magic from USB key but not my OS. Setting dual boot order to legacy first then UEFI, does not have the desired effect. A happy medium is to hit F12 then choose boot device from list. Auto booting fails to detect USB key completely.

What advantages are there to UEFI over GRUB Legacy?

Also, is there a handy UNetbootin like (preferably multi image boot) GUI creation tool that can handle creating a UEFI bootable USB stick?

I can only imagine this fragmentation is a IT support headache, assuming all UEFI implementations are as bad as my ThinkPad Edge. Seriously, no fancy graphics & USB keys do no boot either.

Which ever way you look at it, there is no longer one key to rule them all!