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Thread: Update reinstalls core software packages?

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    Question Update reinstalls core software packages?

    Xubuntu 12.04

    I initially ignored the popup about a partial upgrade, but curiosity got the better of me and I followed it through. What did it do?

    It reinstalled all the core desktop software for Xubuntu that I had un-installed because I didn't need it (e.g. gmusicbrowser, thunderbird, abiword, software center) and then uninstalled xbmc that i had setup through the proper xbmc ppa. No choice in the matter, once I had started that was it.

    The partial upgrade was about something, not sure what, possibly XBMC ?

    Anyway, got a bit of tidying up to do now the uninstall all that was re-installed and get XBMC back on track (hopefully all config and library files are still in .xbmc)

    Anyone else seen something like this ?
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    Re: Update reinstalls core software packages?

    If you have the meta package xubuntu-desktop installed this would be why everything is getting reinstalled. It can be removed in you case.

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