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Thread: 2 problems. No java and low resolution on one screen of two.

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    2 problems. No java and low resolution on one screen of two.

    I've just re-installed 10.04 64 bit.

    I installed the 'recommended' NVidia drivers and now have two screens working, but after the second screen lit up the first screen has gone to a different and lower resolution. The original 1280x1024 has dropped to 1024x768 and that is the maximum resolution available on that screen. The other is at 1280x1024. Previously I used to have to screens at the higher resolution. No new hardware has been installed. I've got all the updates available to me. Anyone got any suggestions?

    Secondly, and I have no doubt this has been covered before but I can't find it in the forums or by googling, my Java seems to be missing something when I'm surfing. I keep seeing that I'm missing a plug in and when I follow the usual on screen offer to install the plugin I end up with an offer to install an Adobe program which I know is only suitable for Windows. I tried the Openjdk but it seems to be unacceptable. I am of course surfing the web with Firefox as installed by Ubuntu 10.04.
    Again any and all suggestions leading to a solution will be gratefully received.

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