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Thread: Howto: Warcraft 3 TFF Working With Cedega

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    Howto: Warcraft 3 TFF Working With Cedega

    First thing
    I do not have currently Ubuntu (or any else distro) running so I just have to remember how did this go.

    Its really simple indeed. Put Regin Of Chaos CD into CD-rom drive. Then open CD with your filemanager software. Right click on install.exe and choose run with.. (or something like it). Type cedega there and make it to do this for all .exe-files. Then simply double click on install.exe and install it like you do on Windows.

    Another way is to type:
    cedega /dev/cdrom/install.exe
    (Make path correct if it is not.)
    And then run installon like in Windows. Result is same.

    Then do the same thing with TFF CD.

    1. Put Wc3 CD (no matter is it RoC or TFF) into your CD-ROM drive. Open terminal and type:
    ~/.transgaming/Drive_C/Program Files/Warcraft III/war3.exe -opengl
    (Make path correct if it is not)

    2. Copy protection check may take long. Usually it goes like it should (jump to 6.).

    3. If it fails, download lastest Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne path (currently 1.20e) from your favourite place and install it.

    4. After this get crack (removes copy protection check) from gamecopyworld, gameburnworld, megagames or anywhere else you like (using google is recommered but be careful: many of crack sites are filled of viruses instead of real cracks. Those I told should be clean.).

    5. Replace orginal war3.exe with crack. Make sure crack's version is same with your game. Remember to take backup of orginal war3.exe for example war3.exe_backup.

    6. Now your game should work just like it should. Full screen and other goodies. You may try running game without -opengl parament, but with my computer it works with it _much_ better.

    Optional (Ubuntu)
    To make desktop shortcut click desktop with right mouse button, click on make shortcut (or something like).
    Name would be for example Warcraft 3, or what ever do you want.
    Path should be something like:
    ~/.transgaming/Drive_C/Program Files/Warcraft III/war3.exe -opengl
    Click OK and everything should be allright.

    Have fun
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    Re: Howto: Warcraft 3 TFF Working With Cedega

    nevermind . . . .
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