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Thread: Internet Connection problem - 11.04

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    Question Internet Connection problem - 11.04

    Hello everyone Apologies if this is already posted, ui have looked around but not been able to find it

    I am looking for a little help with internet connection problems, first a little information regarding my system which may help

    3.0 ghz Pentium 4

    2 GB Ram

    using neat gear WG111v3 Wireless USB dongle

    running Ubuntu 11.04natty Narwhal 2.14 (I think).38

    I am using the standard network tool that comes "Out of the box" so to speak.

    the problem i am having, The system seems to think that I am not connected to the internet when it is showing a connection fine. when i connect to a web site in firefox it says "looking up" in the window before coming up with the Page Not Found screen after a while.

    The internet seems fine at first boot of the computer for the day and seems to stay connected for around 10-15 minutes before the problems i am having. I have tried a few fixes and i will mention them now to ensure we dont go over old ground:

    1: Reconnecting - this works for about 1 minute then stops
    2. Rebooting - this has a terrible result and once i have entered my password into the keyring seems to not recognise i am connected to the internet at all
    3 using different browsers, Arora, Chrome and Firefox - to be fair Arora works, but very slowly, chrome and firefox either work fine for a few minutes or fail to find the page i am looking for.
    4. I run no firewall
    5. system test - the results here are interesting, when i run system test it tells me i have no Internet connection on my system at all, this is the opposite!

    The problem has been occuring for a couple of months. I know a little bit about Ubuntu and Linux and will occasionally try new things and be adventurous, howevr I havent done anything relating to online settings or the internet through the terminal or otherwise.

    I am stumped as to why this is happening and am hoping you can all offer some kind of fix, as above it worked like a dream for so long and now just seems to not work at all....

    last tidbit of info - i have a windows (Yuck!) duel boot on my system, which i am using now to post this, the internet works no problem but does occasionalyl drop out just due to the cheap Dongle i use. I NEVER had the problem on ubuntu until about 2 months ago.

    I cant watch youtube videos, Download files for work etc as the internet just isnt recognised on ubuntu. I need my computer as i work as a sports coach so need to download rosters, training schedules etc.. its getting t the point this is not possible.. Help!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Internet Connection problem - 11.04

    Just a guess here, but it sounds like you may be having DNS issues.
    Open a command window and type

    if it works, try
    and see if the DNS server does its job and translates the URL into an IP address.

    If you want to try a different DNS server, try calling your ISP and get a couple of DNS Server addresses, and put them (at the top) in /etc/resolv.conf.

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    Re: Internet Connection problem - 11.04

    seems ok now, thanks RDSNC, if it breaks again i will contact my ISP.

    i wonder why it was ok only a few weeks back though.

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