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Thread: Unity Very Snappy

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    Re: Unity Very Snappy

    Quote Originally Posted by jerrylamos View Post
    BTW, somewhat on topic, I upgraded precise lubuntu to quantal lubuntu and that's running snappy. Do note this is a Pentium M no -pae flag so its got all of quantal that's update installable except 3.4.0-5. The 3.2.0-24-generic kernel is running fine with the rest of quantal (so far).

    DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu quantal (development branch)"
    Linux ThinkPad-T40 3.2.0-24-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 25 08:43:52 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

    Now sudo aptitude full-upgrade tries to put on 3.4.0-5 which won't work, so sudo aptitude safe-upgrade works fine for picking up quantal updates that are appropriate for Pentium M and linux 3.2.0-24.

    Maybe some of the snappy Unity is snappy quantal, although I have no measurements. Working fine, better than I expected. Until the infamous "next update"...

    Jerry, I'd be keen to see how this goes going forward with your pae kernel. Let me know if something ever break for you

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    Talking Re: Unity Very Snappy

    I'm with ventrical. I'm usually using fallback mode with my [testing] eeePC900 (Celeron 900/915GM), but just for a giggle, decided to bring up Unity2D for once. Don't know whether the latest gcc is in play, or what, but speed is impressive! Too bad it doesn't seem to carry back to Classic No Effects.

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    Re: Unity Very Snappy

    Thanks Guy. I had just seen that with U2D. Especially when I click on the <installed> see more # results - and the icons appear instantaneously, not the top down, bottom up sort of raster of previous releases. It (U2D)works really well on this Dell Dimension 3100, 3.GHz This is the stuff that really gets me because these early alphas work like high speed super_computers, they are just beautiful.. but then come the updates and ....
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