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Thread: installing windows after ubuntu

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    installing windows after ubuntu

    So from what i've read on other post I've broken a principle rule, and installed ubuntu first before i need to install windows.

    So i guess first question would be how could i potentially install windows now that i have ubuntu. If i had my external hard drive with me i would probably just back my files install windows then re-install Ubuntu but unfortunately i'm in korea now and am able to do this. So I've read that you can format a ntfs partition install windows then install grub? Is this correct?

    What i really need more than anything is video skype to call my parents. Surprisingly most of my engineering software (matlab, abaqus) runs naively on Linux so i'm good there and i can make due with libre office for the time being. I've attempted to set up a virtual machine with windows in it but i don't know how to connect my webcam to it

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    Re: installing windows after ubuntu


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    Re: installing windows after ubuntu

    if oyu used vbox for windows you would need porbably an extension to it.

    anyway why not simply use skype for linux? i know it doesn't look as good as windows version but camera works ok.
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    Re: installing windows after ubuntu

    quick note is, if you install ubuntu first, you need to use the live cd again later on to restore grub.

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