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Thread: Enough Security?

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    Enough Security?

    On 12.04 LTS platform.

    Running ClamTk.
    Running UFW - set to default deny.
    Running NoScript - Firefox.
    Runing NotScript - Chrome.

    I am curious if that is enough for the heavy user. Mostly, gaming and web browsing - along with work, etc... etc.

    I have been reading about further configuring UFW and my concern is that I am not good with iptables, so on. I can foresee myself screwing it completely up and having no access.
    "Only because the richest software company on the planet is utterly incompetent, and incapable of building a secure operating system. -- Carla Schroder

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    Re: Enough Security?

    I had my 1st virus tonight and my setup is stronger than yours but most viruses are against windows OS so you are likely good. I was proud to get my 1st hit ever and likely if I was running windows, I would have been infected.

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    Re: Enough Security?

    You can follow the advice in the Basic Security Wiki and in the security sticky, those documents were created to answer your question ExSuSEusr.


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