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Thread: How can I transfer iphone videos to ipad?

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    How can I transfer iphone videos to ipad?

    How can I get the videos(mostly mp4 format) out of iphone and transfer them to

    ipad? they said copy the videos to computer and then transfer to ipad. But that

    didn’t work at all!!! I tried so many time but when iphone was pluged in there

    was no videos shown on the computer! Anyone help???

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    Re: How can I transfer iphone videos to ipad?

    When you plug your iPad or iPhone into computer there should to a box opened, then you click “view files” to find the videos you want to transfer and do the copy and paste thing. If you didn't see the box you can click on your home button then go to computer tab, you will see your iPhone /iPad, then click on it until it downloads the photos and videos.
    And there is a tutorial about transferring iPhone video to iPad easily, please try it.
    Hope it could help you.
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