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Thread: i've lost XFCE start menu categories

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    Question i've lost XFCE application menu categories

    Hi all,

    I'm new to linux and specially to xfce.
    When i first installed ubuntu studio i had a start menu well organized, with each program in each categories ("video edition", "music creation",...)
    and now all the specific studio apps are in a single "multimedia" menu...

    How can i go back to old menu ?
    I've no clues on how to start and what to do
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    Re: i've lost XFCE start menu categories

    The menu is called "Applications menu" not start menu. Using correct terms avoids confusion. Change the title of the thread.

    Have you did something before change occurred?

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    Re: i've lost XFCE start menu categories

    I've made several things before realizing it has changed (system updates, add some softwares) I don't know after which one the change occurred...

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    Re: i've lost XFCE start menu categories

    Hi - I happen to have the same issue last week.

    simple answer (it worked for me): in the log-in selection - do NOT select XFCE but "ubuntu studio" - then the menu is again grouped "audio", etc, if I boot into XFCE all is moved into the multimedia category.

    seems to me that categories in the menu is a feature dedicated to ubuntu studio.

    Let me know if that helped. cheers.


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