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Thread: Spell checker failure Firefox 12 Ubuntu 12.04

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    Spell checker failure Firefox 12 Ubuntu 12.04

    This is hugely irritating. I typically use British English. Occassionally I use Thai too. I hadn't used Thai for a while, since upgrading to 12.04. When I wanted to use Thai fonts recently, I noticed that since upgrading to 12.04, Thai was no longer an installed language so I moved it up the list in Lanuage support settings. All seemed fine until I wanted to use Firefox. When I started to type a message in Firefox, in English, noticed that ALL my words were marked as incorrectly spelt (even my spelling isn't that bad!). When I right click in the text box and look under lanuages (using Firefox) I note that it states that Thai/Thailand is selected. There are several versions of English to choose from otherwise just Thai and Thai/Thailand. If I choose Thai the black dot which indicates which language is selected disappears (And I note that the words I type are no longer marked as incorrectly spelt, eeven if they are incorrectly spelt!). If I choose any other language choice (all of which are various versions of English with the exception of Thai/Thailand) the black dot indicator appears next to Thai/Thailand.

    As you might imagine, I decided to deselect Thai under language support, but it doesn't make any difference. So, the net effect of all of this is that my spell checker in Firefox is completely useless. Do you know how much we come to depend on spell checkers?? Believe me, you don't want to know.

    Addionally, I should add that under about:config in Firefox, the spellchecker.dictionary string indicates th_TH. I can change it back to en_GB, and it appears to work, until I try to type something when it appears to revert to th_TH. Of course, I'm assuming this is an Ubuntu issue rather than a Firefox issue as it arose only after I added Thai lanuage support in Ubuntu.

    One further development. I decided to uninstall the Thai language package too, to see if that would resolve the spell checker problem and it has (except I now don't have Thai language any more). After the installation and upon going back into Language support I saw the message something to the effect of : 'Your Language packages are not properly installed. Would you like to fix this now?' [I'm not sure exactly what it said but something like the foregoing] I said yes and then I received the following message 'Failed to fetch Something wicked happened resolving '' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)' I then did an nslookup and got the following results:

    ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

    XXXXX@XXXXXXXXXX:~$ nslookup

    ** server can't find SERVFAIL

    Whereas a control lookup produces:


    Non-authoritative answer:

    If ANYONE has any suggestions as to how I might resolve this nightmare, please let me know. This is now much less a nightmare than it was, although needless to say I now no longer have Thai language support.

    Well, there have been some updates recently. I decided to see if they had resolved my issue. I have just re-installed Thai fonts and the spell checker issue has now been resolved. So, it would appear as though I have my Thai fonts and can still have my en-GB spell checker!
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