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Thread: Possible to instal?

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    Possible to instal?

    Hi there, im new to Ubuntu so I want to ask is it possible to instal these program to the linux ubuntu os: notepad ++, filezilla, counter strike 1.6, team speak, msn and photoshop.. I really like to know because ubuntu is so cute os and also good protected, but only thing what is stopping me to use it are these programs

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    Re: Possible to instal?

    To use MS Windows programs, you need to install Wine.

    But, BEFORE you do that, you need to go to the WineHQ website and use their Application Database page to search for the ratings for the apps and versions you want to use.

    Anything not listed is most likely NOT going to work. Anything with a rating less than GOLD is going to be a waste of your time.

    And, MS Windows games, for the most part, either run very poorly in Linux, or don't run at all. That is due to a combination of lack of support for the newest DirectX versions the games need, and the lack of high-performance restricted video drivers.

    Don't take this as a criticism, but Linux is NOT designed to be a free replacement for MS Windows. IF you rely on, or depend on, using MS Windows apps on a daily basis, you need to stay with MS Windows -- that is where they ALL work, not here.
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    Re: Possible to instal?

    FileZilla is in the Ubuntu Software Center along with a Team Speak for game chat. Counter Strike will run in Wine which is a program that allows the use of a number of Windows application on Linux.

    Photo shop has mixed results in Wine depending on what version.

    Linux offers Gimp, Inkscape, and more for photo and graphical editing. Gimp can be installed on Windows if you want to try it , but it will be an older version.
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    Re: Possible to instal?

    Thank You all for reply. I also think that the Ubuntu is not good replacment for MS Windows, but as I said, i really like the Linux and I hope it will be good for me..

    Also Im going to search for app ratings on the given site

    Thank You again.
    Warm regards, Irfan.

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    Re: Possible to instal?

    Hi irfanh94, and welcome.

    I think it's worth to take a step backwards from your question. Almost everybody who has been using MS Windows for their entire life, and wants to give gnu-linux a try, thinks (in the beginning) about using the same applications he's used to. That's not the way: as said before, if you'd like to do just the same as in windows, better stick to windows.

    But you don't have to. Except for games and a handful of other exceptions, there are native linux applications that will replace the functionality of the programs you're used to. In most cases they're free software, in the sense of freedom (also in the sense of no-cost). Freedom is the key point here: the source code is available, you can know what exactly the program does, and eventually improve it. On the other hand, proprietary programs you're used to are closed source. This means you can't be sure what they actually do (in the worst case spying on you, collecting your data, calling home, etc), and nobody is able, or even allowed, to analyze or improve the code.

    For many of us, that freedom is that matters in the first place (for others it's price ). And what makes acceptable to use applications that perhaps are not as polished, or eye-candy.

    To sum up: if you want to use ubuntu, you should consider using the Gimp instead of Photoshop, LibreOffice instead of MS Office, Firefox (or Chromium, or Epiphany, or...) instead of MS Internet Explorer, Octave instead of MathLab, Evolution (or ThunderBird, os Sylpheed, or...) instead of Outlook, Ardour instead of ProTools, and so on. There are quite some "lists" of application replacements over there, see for example here.

    OR: if you really depend on a particular windows app, setup a dual boot of windows and ubuntu, or run windows inside ubuntu in a virtual machine.

    Sorry if this exceeds your original question. I felt some background could be useful for you

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