I just want to report on my recent experience with Iphone 5.

I have tried to copy songs on the iphone via banshee without success. The files are copied on the iphone but the "Music" app on the iphone does not show them.

The solution suggested by spaceshipguy, to install Oplayer Lite, and to use a file manager on the PC to copy songs files to the folder created by Oplayer Lite in the Iphone Document folder, this solution works.
Thanks spaceshipguy.

Trying to connect to the iphone via itunes, both when run in windows in virtualbox and when run in ''real windows'', did not work. My daughter's Iphone is pretty new, about one week, and she has done no strange thing with it, except possibily the copy of songs via banshee. In any case this is sufficient to make itunes complain, refuse to connect to the iphone and ask to (I do not remember the exact word) ''reinitialize it'', wiping all her personal data. Of course she refused and we will have to live without itunes....

Gabriele Bianchi