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Thread: Cursor shadow not displaying (but might still be there?)

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    Cursor shadow not displaying (but might still be there?)

    I noticed that my cursor sometimes displays with a shadow (e.g. over a Firefox window) and sometimes without (e.g. over a Nautilus window, or a title bar).

    I took screenshots to try and show the difference but noticed that apparently there is a shadow when over a Nautilus window - but it's not displayed on screen (unless Shutter inserts a cursor image). Compare the screengrabs of Firefox and Nautilus here:

    with a camera shot of Nautilus:

    My first thought is that this could be Compiz as the shadow vanishes when I move over the window titlebar. However, both Resize and Move cursors have shadow.

    Does anyone have any ideas where to look next?
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    Re: Cursor shadow not displaying (but might still be there?)

    This may be the same issue I am experiencing.
    The icons (for example files ) on desktop do not have shadows in their names.
    Thus the names are invisible on white background.
    This is a GTK or Nautilus issue.
    I am using Gnome-shell DE.

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