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Thread: Suspend/resume problem on Asus K53e laptop

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    Suspend/resume problem on Asus K53e laptop

    Hi, I am gathering there is an issue with suspending and resuming throughout the Linux community with Asus laptops. Anyhow, I have searched through Google some and while I find certain scripts for other Asus computers to use to help fix their resume and suspend problems, is it safe to assume and try to use one of those scripts since I have a different model but same symptoms as others?

    As for my specific problem, simply if I put the computer to suspend/sleep, screen goes black, hard disk light comes on and basically the computer then does not respond to anything so I have to hard reset and power if off manually.

    Any links to other threads or scripts that might work would be great!

    Asus K53e laptop
    Intel i5 2450 Mhz, Sandy Bridge
    6 GB RAM
    Running Ubuntu 12.04 - Unity desktop (although this occurs on every Linux distro)
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    Re: Suspend/resume problem on Asus K53e laptop

    I had the same problem with the same laptop, I searched for K52 ubuntu suspend and it had a script for fixing the suspend issue, which it did.

    which is here

    However that also killed the wifi, I had to then install a second script which was here

    Anyway that was all I did and now everything works on my laptop except "saturation", have you noticed how dull the colours are compared to on windows? Really need the saturation option which comes on the intel graphics driver.

    and the sd card still doesn't work.

    But I am happy enough


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