Okay. I am subscribed to the Ubuntu One Music Streaming service. I have the latest 12.04 Precise Pangolin x64 freshly installed. I have a decent Internet upload connection at around 500 KiloBytes per second. I have uploaded my whole music collection from my Home "Music" folder, as instructed in the FAQ. Through a browser, on my Ubuntu One account, under the Music tab, I see all my music. Through the browser, I can create playlists. The music plays fine. However, I cannot add the individual songs to my playlists. Also, when I look at the Artist's tab, I only get two of my artists listed. I definitely have more artists than this. In the iOS Ubuntu One Music App, I cannot see any of my songs or music at all. I can see the playlists I made, although there isn't even music in the playlist. I think the service is broken or something and I need help trouble shooting.