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Thread: Configure Net Gear wireless router WGR 614 v9, ubuntu

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    Lightbulb Configure Net Gear wireless router WGR 614 v9, ubuntu

    Dear Forum,

    I am trying to protect the network of my place since it appears as unprotected.

    I have a net gear router wgr 614 v9 and I tried to connect the website , as specified by the manufacturer, in order to protect the network. The first time I tried to connect to the website I got some kind of alert saying my IP had been changed to 10.0. .... in order to avoid troubleshooting problems. Then in order to log in , a admin user name and password were required. Since I dont know those specifics I reseted the router to factory settings and tried again with the default pass and user name. It still doesnt work.

    Does somebody know whats wrong?

    Is it possible to configure the router using some linux program ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Configure Net Gear wireless router WGR 614 v9, ubuntu

    You usually connect to the router direct using your web-browser by entering the routers own IP address which is normally printed on a label on the underside of Netgear routers; mine is and I think all Netgear routers are the same.

    Try that to see if it makes any difference, though I admit that your posted link took me directly to my own router login, though without the remembered name and password which I have on my single user system.
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