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Thread: 11.10 plus Gnome Shell - Search broken

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    Question SOLVED: 11.10 plus Gnome Shell - Search broken

    Update: I have since found this posting which solved the issue:


    I think this is related to the last kernel update I did, but can't be sure and I can't afford to tinker at the moment.

    Anyways hot-spot seems to work fine and using the mouse to select an app either from the side bar or the Windows or Applications pallets seems fine.

    However problems start occurring when I use the hot-spot to give the overview and then start typing in the "Type to search..." field. The first time I try this it kicks me out, the second time Gnome shell seems to give up and I loose all my existing windows control bar. I end up having to log out and then back in to restore my desktop.

    Any thoughts?
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