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Thread: Help with Skype icons

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    Help with Skype icons

    Hey all,

    I've spent a BUNCH of time customizing (theming) my laptop (as you can see from my deviant art here ). Now this is what my computer looks like NOW:

    As you can see, that pesky skype icon at the top right of my screen looks REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD. And I cannot, for the life of me, find where that icon is located in my filesystem. Here's what I tried to find it:

    1. Go to my filesystem and search for "skype". Browsed through all folders, searching for those statusbar icons.

    2. Went to my home folder and then ".Skype" and searched through there.

    3. Re-downloaded the deb file for skype, extracted and looked endlessly for the location of those images.

    I really hope someone can help me, because I use skype almost every day, but since im some what of a perfectionist, i cannot live with this icon. Sorry if i sound a bit dramatic :/

    Ubuntu 10.04
    Gnome 2.3
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