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Thread: Ubuntu 14.04 Activities button unresponsive

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    Ubuntu 14.04 Activities button unresponsive


    When I hover (or click) to activities button it doesn't work properly. After I clicked it stucks and after few minutes a error pops up and says "Ubuntu 14.04 experienced a problem...". Then it works flawlessly.

    I don't know how to post error log because it happens when I login.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Activities button unresponsive

    Is your OS fully updated?

    I had a few of those errors straight after installing Xubuntu 14.04 64bit, but they disappeared after updating and have not recurred.
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    Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Activities button unresponsive

    Gnome 3 shell has Activities. Ubuntu has the Dash. Have you Installed Gnome 3 shell on Ubuntu?

    Those error messages often give us the ability to see Details of the problem. Click Details and see what exactly is throwing up this error message. It might be nothing to do with what you think it is.

    I am getting similar error messages every time I log in but they are nothing to do with any action I am doing at that moment. I am running the development version of Ubuntu. It is Ubuntu 15.04 under development. I expect error messages like those because it is development code.

    Those error messages often give us an option to report the problem.

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