Apport clearly rocks for crashes

It's not as capable of picking up functionality regressions and feature bugs as far as I can tell

Eg; Throughout the beta process I've seen the ability of Wifi (and indeed, the desktop) to recover from a suspend by closing the lid of my Acer 1410 netbook and opening it again get really good, and then pull back to the point where it would come up with a TTY screen and a nonresponsive cursor, and now it's reliable enough that system doesn't have to be rebooted *most* of the time.

I'm kind of curious to see if there's any other top of mind annoyances you still experience (by this point we all know about the Nvidia driver regression, another example) as Precise gets frozen into stable release mode.

As they say in Toronto every year come playoff time, there's always next year. For LTS adopters, there's always 12.04.1, and thankfully we only have to wait until July for that.