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Thread: uninstalling virtualbox

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    uninstalling virtualbox

    Hey guys.

    I installed Oracle VM Virtualbox some time ago, but it wouldn't run properly on my netbook, probably due to the low specs.
    Anyway, I tried uninstalling it "sudo apt-get purge virtualbox" - which says it's not installed, but it continues to appear in my applications (I know sometimes the extensions can continue to appear there even after uninstalled) - When I shut down my computer, after logging out, when doing the checks - it says "shutting down virtualbox" - could that be all the extras that come with it? like in Wine? if so - where would I find what it is I have to uninstall?

    Thank you!


    EDIT: Not to worry, found out how ... in synaptics package manager!
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    Re: uninstalling virtualbox

    Great that you figured it out!
    Please do mark your post as solved (from Thread Tools).
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