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Thread: Wireless mouse is not working

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    Wireless mouse is not working

    I bought a wireless mouse on ebay (Optical RF 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse with RF USB Receiver) but it won't work on my Dell PC running Ubuntu 11.04 (Lubuntu).

    I tested the mouse on Windows and it works fine.

    When I re-checked the item description it says the mouse is for Windows, no mention of Linux.

    Is there any way to get this mouse working on my PC?

    This is the exact mouse I bought:

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    Re: Wireless mouse is not working

    Mr. Wired, please repeat some basic troubleshooting steps.
    Those kind of mice always work in linux.

    make sure the USB is not plugged in upside down. Check that the batteries are not upside down. Make sure your USB ports are not damaged or turned off.
    If you are using old batteries, make sure there is a clear path from the dongle to the mouse.


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