Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could kindly help or point me in the correct direction. I have recently virtualised my mail server running postfix, courier etc. I have been running 10.04 64-bit for....well almost 2 years without a single issue. Infact 120 Days uptime... since migrating to 12.04alpha 32-bit I am getting some strange issues with, what I think to be the Imap authentication.

I am currently always receiving emails, but after I reboot the machine I can only login to imap for 10mins or so.... I think it's been an hour or two also. I then just can't authenticate with courier-imap.

There is absolutely no clue in the log, not even a message at the time the server fails, I've checked, syslog, mail.log, mail.error dmesg and mysql.log.

I'm really stumped,

Just a quick not more, if i reboot the server..... it's fine again for that short amount of time. Imap-authentication would never activate correctly again, even if I restart the services..... when i do I get no errors from the services.

Thank you in advance for any help / pointers someone can give me, I guess the only issue might be the simple copy paste, I've done to convert the 10.04=64 to 12.04=32. That shouldn't matter right?!?!

Thank you