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Thread: LTS 12.04 - what PHP policy in this release?

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    Exclamation LTS 12.04 - what PHP policy in this release?


    after the incredible fail with the buggy php version in the 10.04 LTS release I would like to ask: what is the PHP policy for this next LTS release? Will PHP be supported or will I have to feed a LTS server install with doubtful PPAs that are left alone and vulnerable after some months?

    BTW there are still PHP 5.3 PPAs on launchpad that must be vulnerable - there where no updates for several 5.3 PPAs after some major security fixes have been issued - I think you should close accounts of people that are not willing or able to update their PPAs after an important security fix, but this is another story.

    This is definitely not the situation you want to get into with an LTS release - having to choose between sticking with an ancient, buggy PHP version, choosing some vulnarable packages from Mr. Unknown or building everything yourself (well, you could go to other distros then) - the whole situation was totally inacceptable. We changed all ubuntu servers back to debian, luckily a long time ago.

    However, we are still interested in how Ubuntu is growing, so my question about the PHP policy with the upcoming LTS release! Is there some perspective for LAMP hosters using ubuntu 12.04 LTS?

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