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Thread: Ubuntu wireless problem on Dell XPS 15

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    Question Ubuntu wireless problem on Dell XPS 15

    I've got a problem with my WiFi: since today my laptop (l502x) is set automatically in airplane-mode. If I uncheck the checkmark for airplane-mode, it will go back to airplane-mode automatically. Because of this I can't connect to my WiFi.

    I've tried 'sudo rfkill unblock all', but that won't work.
    On the internet they also suggested a BIOS-upgrade, but I don't know how to do that because I have removed windows and the file for a bios-upgrade is a .exe.

    In the attachment is a picture of the output of 'sudo rfkill list'
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    Re: Ubuntu wireless problem on Dell XPS 15

    it says "Hard blocked" so either you need to flip / push some hardware button (the one that enables/disables the WiFi) or you need to check BIOS for "enable LAN/WLAN" switching and turn it off (business feature of HP to disable having WLAN and LAN on a the same time as this can cause all kinds of weird issues in a LAN.. like asymmetric routing, loops, IP conflicts, etc...)
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