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Thread: HP Pavilion dm4-3002ea

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    Question HP Pavilion dm4-3002ea

    I've installed ubuntu 11.10 (64-bit) on my HP Pavilion dm4-3002ea ( . All work ok except the laptop fan always been on and hot air comming out of it. I believe this to be due to the graphics card.

    This laptop has a Radeon graphics card (HD 7470M). But on Preferences => System Info I see the driver been used to be "Intel® Sandybridge Mobile"

    When activating the "ATI/AMD FGLRX driver" using the "Additional drivers", the fan stops working and no more hot air comes out of it but the system falls back to compatibility mode, i.e. gnome 3 is in "Fallback" mode.

    I've tried downloading and installing the amd/ati drivers from their web site but it just rendered ubuntu unusable and I had to reinstall.

    Any ideas how to make it work without overheatting?



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    Re: HP Pavilion dm4-3002ea

    wow, this thread is so active, bump!

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    Re: HP Pavilion dm4-3002ea

    See if this wiki will help with the proprietary drivers:
    I've found out that usually the prop drivers have better control over fans.

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    Question Re: HP Pavilion dm4-3002ea

    I accidentally bumped on my own thread today as I was searcjing for the same issue

    Thanks for the link, I actually run these 2 commands:

    sudo aticonfig --initial
    sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=opengl

    And now (after 5 months of using ubuntu without graphics acceleration on!!!) I am finally using gnome not in failsafe.

    Which begs the question: why isn't that done automatically when I installed the driver???


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