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Thread: Unbind meta+number to start applications

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    Unbind meta+number to start applications


    I would like to unbind the meta key from starting applications when combined with a numeric key. For example, meta+1 starts the first application in my launcher.

    I would still want to use meta to bring up dash, but I very much prefer the meta+number to switch to the corresponding virtual desktop, since this is the behaviour I am used to from awesome wm.


    Now: meta+1-9 starts the applications in the launcher.
    What I want to happen: meta+1-9 switches to the corresponding virtual desktop.

    Any way to do this? Binding the meta+1-9 in the keybindings section of the system settings seems to be overridden by unity's default behaviour.

    EDIT: IS this even possible or should I post a "bug" for this issue?
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