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Thread: No audio after upgrade

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    No audio after upgrade

    I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04. I do get welcome music while logging in but thereafter there is no audio at all. Apparently, the system fails to detect audio hardware. Everything is greyed out (inaccessible) in sound settings. Any help?

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    Re: No audio after upgrade

    hi ubu... this has happened to me many times on various versions of Ubuntu at first
    Later on it seems to settle once a few updates have gone through...

    This sometimes works

    reload 2 or three times ; sometimes it clicks in sometimes not


    this also but probably not if greyed-out

    once you have loaded Ubuntu
    open your systems monitor gui or open
    find pulse audio then right-click and kill ...

    it is very off-putting since sound is a basic need on a machine; i wish you the best... someone will come along with cleverer tricks no doubt
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    Re: No audio after upgrade

    What shantiq refers to (killing/restarting) pulseaudio can be accomplished easily with one command:
    pulseaudio -k
    Indeed, it does sound like a pulseaudio issue since sound works before login (when pulse starts). Some folks who upgrade releases have to remove their pulseaudio user configuration files so that pulse will generate fresh ones. Use the following command and log out/in.
    rm -rf ~/.pulse*


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