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Thread: Heroes 3 change resolution, it's out of range

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    Heroes 3 change resolution, it's out of range

    I have isntalled heroes3 native to my Ubuntu(x86),an I have patched it too.
    heroes3 -v
    Heroes of Might & Magic III 1.3.1a
    Built with glibc-2.1 on x86
    Then it couldn't open the audio, because of the OSS:
    Couldn't open audio:
    I downloaded some extra files:
    Extracted to:
    sudo LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/Loki_Compat/ /usr/local/games/Heroes3/heroes3.dynamic -w
    And finally the audio is working, but now there is problem with the video. With this -w its running fine in windowed mode, but if you don't launch it in windowed, I think the resolution, or refresh rate 'out of range'-says my monitor. How could I change its resolution or refresh rate?

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    Re: Heroes 3 change resolution, it's out of range

    Try see if there's a help command to the game -h or --help to see if you can set the resolution via switches.

    Also check if the game have a config file/folder in your home directory (usually hidden).
    elementary OS Luna
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