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Thread: Brasero is broken!

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    Re: Brasero is broken!

    On three different computers, and several different cd/dvd burners used in those computers, brasero never fails to totally fail.. I second the OP's opinion. k3b, gnome-toaster, gnomebaker all work. Oh and I can't make banshee quit apparently.

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    Re: Brasero is broken!

    I have never found a gtk/gnome burner that worked well. Brasero never handled playlists very well (at least back in the day).
    K3B is one of those apps that make me wish I liked KDE more
    So its cdrecord FTW. Always works, never a problem.

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    Re: Brasero is broken!

    Brasero likes to randomly complain about failing to eject with Hitachi-LG optical drives.
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