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Thread: problems with the terminal

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    problems with the terminal

    I'm running a 3 year old pangolin performance.

    Sometimes when I type someting in the terminal and hit enter, for example:

    cd somefolder

    The next line doesn't show, although the cursor is in the place it ought to be. Then I hit enter and two lines show up.

    It's like the terminal isn't refreshing or something.

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    Re: problems with the terminal

    What version of Ubuntu are you running? Also, can you try it from a LiveCD? My guess is that there's a bug in the system that wouldn't be present on a fresh installation.
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    Re: problems with the terminal

    Hi Nerdcore Steve,

    ... or maybe the flavour of Ubuntu needs more 'computer power'

    ... or maybe your graphics card or chip needs a proprietary driver.

    So either download the iso file of Xubuntu or Lubuntu and try that flavour live. It has a smaller foot-print,

    or let us know about your graphics and let us help you to find a suitable driver.

    Have fun finding out about Ubuntu

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    Re: problems with the terminal

    It worked just fine with the live CD. Since this install had a few other problems and I hadn't done an install in at least a year I decided to do a fresh install.

    Thanks for the help.


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