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Thread: Does anyone get this?

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    Does anyone get this?

    When running apt-get update / upgrade from Terminal - a crash notification dramatically pops-up sometimes on the desktop.

    Every one of these I have seen has related to Bluetooth.

    Today's is blueman-applet (blueman 1.22~bzr707-1ubuntu1).

    I understand running an update might rip the legs from under a running process forcing it to restart. But it shouldn't pop out with a big red crash exclamation with an option to send an error / crash report....... that's just unnecessary work for the bug system.

    Just thought I'd ask as I have only seen this behaviour with Bluetooth related updates so maybe it is something specific to them that needs changed.

    I don't even have any Bluetooth hardware on this machine which makes the drama of the "Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error." flash-bang-stun more ridiculous.

    Guess I'm asking for confirmation...

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    Re: Does anyone get this?

    I got something this morning that might be related:

    I didn't say so in that post, but I'd just run "sudo apt-get upgrade" in the terminal, preceded by "sudo apt-get update".

    And yes, I've noticed it several times.


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