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Thread: Ubuntu 11.10 freezes

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    Ubuntu 11.10 freezes

    Hi, I am new to Ubuntu and I was trying to use it to replace a laptop's old operating system.

    The laptop is a Gateway FX and used to belong to someone else and the old owner did some sort of forced install of Windows 7 over the Windows Vista that was originally on the computer. I downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit, put it on a USB stick, and used it to boot up the laptop and install Ubuntu.

    Everything went fine except that the first time I tried, the mouse got stuck on the little circle/hourglass and the install window froze up except for the language selection and the line that lets you test your keyboard layout. So I had to hold the power button down to shut the laptop off and retry the installation. The second time, there were no problems.

    After I had finished installing, everything seemed to work fine until I noticed the update manager telling me that there was something around 378 new updates. I figured what the hell and told it to update everything. After some time, it was all finished and I just had to restart the computer to finish the installations. Once I did that, I went to change the date and time on the computer and as soon as I clicked on today's date it just froze up and the mouse wouldn't move. I held the power button down (cuz that's all I know to do) and turned the computer back on. After about 30 seconds the computer froze up again but I think that time I could move the mouse. So now the laptop keeps freezing every time I boot up the darned thing.

    I looked around to try and find people who had issues with their computers freezing but I am new to linux and have no idea what a lot of the code crap is people are talking about.

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    Re: Ubuntu 11.10 freezes

    Try reinstalling it again and put youre time correct at the install and then restart and then do the updates and restart again.That might do the trick
    Why so seriousss


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