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I usually format the whole pen drive to a fat32 partition, and just use Unetbootin

always worked fine so far. try with another usb stick
I'm good to go now thanks to the USB DVD-RW drive, but before I purcahsed that I had tried multiple pen drives as well as unetbootin, still didn't work.

My trackpad gestures seem to work just fine, but I'd like to customize them. Currently the following works:

- Two finger scroll (vertical and horizontal)
- Two finger right-click
- Three finger; Up - launches the lens, Down - Moves windows around
- Four finger; Left - hides Unity dock, Right - Reveals Unity dock

I'm happy with the 2-finger gestures, but I'd love to enable three finger left/right gestures as backward and forward in browsers, nautilus, etc.

Also, I'd like to use 4-finger (up/down) to launch Compiz' Scale and Workspace switching, respectively.

Anyone have any luck customizing these inputs?