after many months of wondering, i finally learned about ubuntu's new "thin-red-line" scrollbars" and the "thumbs" that go with these thin scrollbars.

i am working on a gtk application for the speech impaired [[or people who cannot talk at all (who are mute)], but who can type.

i am creating by trial/example and with help from the gtk community of hackers. i figure that i will have something worth showing by next fall. meanwhile, i am writing an Options window that requires 4 horizontal scrollbars. the trouble i am running into is with these thin red lines and the "thumbs." how can i get rid of both the red lines and thumbs?

i have the very start of my project from early january at in case anybody want to see what i am creating for the "universal access" gruop.

realistically, my gtk application is only going to work on the netbooks or tablets with keyboards and speakers.