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Thread: Editing fstab for conditional nfs mounting

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    Re: Editing fstab for conditional nfs mounting

    @ Captain James T kirk: sorry mate for being lazy and not putting up a solution...actually the issue has evolved with time and the solution i course by taking help from some other ubuntu forums... I have an unfinished help written for my problem and the solution and I shall post it soon. To be true, I was first going to shout back at you and then I realized that you are right. THanks for pointing it out. I shall surely post the help soon in a separate thread and post the link here.

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    Re: Editing fstab for conditional nfs mounting

    Quote Originally Posted by roelforg View Post
    I'd do it like this:
    mount -t nfs server.local:/homeshare /home
    if [ $! != 0 ]
      mount /<path_to_local_home_drive_or_partition> /home
    For those ending up here in the future: that should be $? not $!

    (I am mounting a disk on through different mean (ntfs/cifs) depending on whether the Ubuntu is running natively or under a VM (in which it has no access to the partition. I managed to get it to work with the information from this topic, thanks!)

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