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Thread: BT5r1 HDD install boot freeze(no term)

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    BT5r1 HDD install boot freeze(no term)

    I recently ventured to install the current version BT5r1[10.04 kernel 2.6.39] ( onto my desktop because we are using BT4 in my Ethical Hacking class. The install was semi-smooth with a few minor annoyances that I have already solved myself.

    I have BT5r1 KDE x64 HDD install (dual-boot w/win7) on a custom built desktop with specs:

    i5 2500k
    MSI Lightning GTX580 nVidia GPU

    After the installation I try to boot and it hangs at a certain point saying something about removing a generic driver for (I think) gpu. I'm not sure why, but I can't even get it to load to a prompt so I can attempt a fix.
    I will include a (forgive me) photo taken with my phone as this is the only way I know to show you guys the output that I see on screen:

    If anyone can be of assistance I would be extremely grateful.
    I am not a noob to linux, but i'm not a power user either (yet ) Let me know if there is any information I may provide to help in solving this issue. I need this for use in my studies for college.

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    Re: BT5r1 HDD install boot freeze(no term)

    bump - anyone?

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