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Thread: How to install linux to new notebook

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    How to install linux to new notebook

    Hello...i'm a new member to this forum....My question is I want to buy a new Acer notebook with i5 intel second generation processor without OS....I want install Linux I can do it?


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    Re: How to install linux to new notebook

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    Re: How to install linux to new notebook

    I presume your netbook doesn't have a CD drive. If you can't borrow an external CD drive, you will have to make up a boot USB memory stick. You can do this using a windows pc:
    Download the installer CD .ISO file to windows.
    Burn the image to a CD.
    Boot into Linux from the CD
    Use the Startup disk creator to install to the stick.
    Boot the netbook from the stick.

    In Xubuntu, the startup disk creator is in the menus under System, but I don't know where they hide it in Ubuntu.

    The startup disk creator needs the .ISO image, so you will need to locate that. You will have to use the file manager to mount the windows drive where the iso was downloaded to.


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