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Yeah, this looks terrible.

Oh, and the 'from light to light......' bs doesn't hold true in all cases.

Right-click on an unmaximized FF window........'from dark to light' The menu almost dissapears in the light background of this Ubuntu forums page. I'd attach a screenshot................but I can't figure out how the hell to do it in 12.04.

Terrible decision, IMHO.

Also, BFB looks cheaper compared to 11.10........maybe I'm seeing things.
You aren't seeing things. BFB went "chameleonic". (so did the desktop switcher and trash icons) Personally I preferred these icons remain a neutral transparent/clear to distinguish them from app icons but unfortunately there is no option for that at the moment.

The menu change is also bothersome, I'm definitely going to go through the theme file and fix it once 12.04 is actually released. If I wanted light menus I would use Radiance, because that is the light theme. The reason I'm using Ambiance is because I prefer dark themes. Their line of reasoning makes sense (dark from dark, light from light) but unfortunately the result in terrible in practice, less so in apps but more so on the desktop.