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Thread: The non-pae mini.iso testing thread

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    Re: The non-pae mini.iso testing thread

    Quote Originally Posted by nm_geo View Post
    Lubuntu 12.04 desktop has a non-pae kernel as of last spin

    Linux tester-Latitude-D620 3.2.0-19-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 16 16:26:45 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

    Not sure why the Mar 16 date this was zsynced today 20120319.

    Anyway got a clean install and updated the qa-tracker.

    This basically puts the mini.iso testing on the back burner

    I still think I'll type up some brief notes regarding mini.iso installs before Precise final hits.

    It's never a waste of time testing this stuff, I learned that UNetbootin works quite easily for creating a bootable mini.iso thumb drive.

    Also, something I plan on trying soon is a cli install followed by installing only 'gnome-session-fallback' just to see how complete (or incomplete) the installation is and how much 'unity' is pulled in with it - just for fun.

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    Talking Re: The non-pae mini.iso testing thread

    Just zsync'd lubuntu today. Booted the .iso directly from hard disk and installed on Pentium M which does not have a pae flag.

    jerry@ThinkPad-T40:~$ cat /proc/version
    Linux version 3.2.0-19-generic (buildd@vernadsky) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu3) ) #30-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 16 16:26:45 UTC 2012

    Note it's generic with no pae in sight.

    Installed. put in firefox instead of chromium, added flashplayer and aptitude, updated, put in my own wallpaper, and it's 1889800 bytes.

    pcmanfm hasn't crashed yet ???

    Running well.


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    Re: The non-pae mini.iso testing thread

    Using the netboot mini.iso is considerably reliant on a fast wired internet connection. My ethernet speed is 5000kbps+ and the average total installation time is 1 hour and 45 minutes, but on a positive note you're getting the latest packages so you'll have little or no updates to install after the installation is complete.

    The images are quite small, typically under 30MB, and they can either be burned to disc or you can create a bootable USB using Unetbootin. If you're familiar with the Debian installer or the Ubuntu alternate installer this will all seem quite straight forward to you. If not there is a good guide here for using the mini.iso to perform a Command-Line Install.

    That should give you a good idea of what the installation screens look like but for our purpose most users will be fine just choosing "Install" from the boot options and then 'tasksel' will offer a list of options at the end of the installation (It's a long list and you must use the keyboard arrow keys to scroll through the entire list - I've highlighted those of interest):

    u server	Basic Ubuntu server
    u openssh-server	OpenSSH server
    u dns-server	DNS server
    u lamp-server	LAMP server
    u mail-server	Mail server
    u openstack	Openstack
    u postgresql-server	PostgreSQL database
    i print-server	Print server
    u samba-server	Samba file server
    u tomcat-server	Tomcat Java server
    u cloud-image	Ubuntu Cloud Image (instance)
    u virt-host	Virtual Machine host
    u ubuntustudio-graphics	2D/3D creation and editing suite
    u ubuntustudio-recording	Audio recording and editing suite
    u edubuntu-desktop-kde	Edubuntu KDE desktop (unsupported)
    u edubuntu-desktop-gnome	Edubuntu desktop
    u kubuntu-desktop	Kubuntu desktop
    u kubuntu-full	Kubuntu full
    u kubuntu-mobile	Kubuntu mobile
    u ubuntustudio-audio-plugins	LADSPA/LV2/DSSI audio plugins
    u ubuntustudio-font-meta	Large selection of font packages
    u lubuntu-core	Lubuntu minimal installation
    u mythbuntu-desktop	Mythbuntu additional roles
    u mythbuntu-frontend	Mythbuntu frontend
    u mythbuntu-backend-master	Mythbuntu master backend
    u mythbuntu-backend-slave	Mythbuntu slave backend
    u ubuntustudio-generation	Tone generation and editing suite
    u lubuntu-desktop	Ubuntu LXDE Desktop
    i ubuntu-desktop	Ubuntu desktop
    u ubuntu-usb	Ubuntu desktop USB
    u ubuntustudio-video	Video creation and editing suite
    u xubuntu-desktop	Xubuntu desktop
    u edubuntu-dvd-live	Edubuntu live DVD
    u kubuntu-mobile-live	Kubuntu Mobile Remix live CD
    u kubuntu-live	Kubuntu live CD
    u kubuntu-dvd-live	Kubuntu live DVD
    u lubuntu-live	Lubuntu live CD
    u ubuntustudio-dvd-live	Ubuntu Studio live DVD
    u ubuntu-live	Ubuntu live CD
    u ubuntu-dvd-live	Ubuntu live DVD
    u ubuntu-usb-live	Ubuntu live USB
    u xubuntu-live	Xubuntu live CD
    u manual	Manual package selection
    I've personally only tested 'ubuntu-desktop', 'lubuntu-desktop', and 'xubuntu desktop' so I can't comment on the rest but my experience has been generally good. I would however point out the following things to consider during installation:

    * You'll be asked if you want the installer to detect your keyboard layout or proceed with the default (I always just select No when asked and the US keyboard defaults seem fine for me).

    * Specify the hostname for your system - this may confuse new users, but I typically use my first name accompanied by some computer ID or location, eg; john-AMD-desktop, or john-INTEL-laptop. This will be how your computer is recognized on your network.

    * HTTP proxy - I'm totally clueless here as I've never dealt with such

    * Encrypt home directory? I've never done so, but this may be helpful to others.

    * Partitioning gets rather complex so I'll not get into detail here, but one nice thing is that the "Use largest continuous free space" option still exists.

    * After quite some time you'll be asked about how to handle updates - Select 'No Automatic Updates' (trust me).

    As with any installation if you have questions please ask them in this forum subsection.

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