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Thread: The non-pae mini.iso testing thread

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    Talking Re: The non-pae mini.iso testing thread

    Yay! mini.iso installed & working fine! (took 3 tries, fumble finger..)

    DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu precise (development branch)"
    Linux Thinkpad-T40 3.2.0-16-generic #25-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 14 02:48:46 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

    Sure enough,
    grep PAE /boot/config-3.2.0-16-generic
    did not find PAE=Y.

    So I got what I wanted.

    Curio, as mini was loading, the messages said "...generic-pae-di"
    I don't have a clue what "pae-di" is, I just know I got what I intended since this pc doesn't have the pae flag.

    I did make a feeble attempt to look at the debian site but that's way beyond me.

    Good go. Jerry

    p.s. This note may not be on topic on this thread, since the mini.iso used was the regular one and not the non-pae one, all I know is I got the non-pae kernel.

    Oh, one of the fumble fingers, I selected lubutnu but didn't select print server and/or samba server, so I didn't get any network. I've go the book but no clue how to install anything with no network. Re-install working fine.
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