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Thread: Error while downloading and installing

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    Error while downloading and installing

    i was try to download Ubuntu 11.04 using Wubi software the middle it start showing error drive missing .. i tried to try again /continue but it wont work .. so i cancel that ... then it completed downloading but it didnt show me start/restart message ..after that when i restarted my laptop then it took some time to boot and after while start showing
    Gave up waiting time for root devices:
    -BOOt args(cat/proc/cmdline)
    -check root delays
    -check root
    -missing modules(cat/proc/modules;is/dev)

    ALERT! /dev/disk/by-vvid/7ecb-2581 does not exit . droping to shell ..

    I am very first time user of ubuntu ..please help me out

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    Re: Error while downloading and installing

    The 'no disk' problem is probably this:

    You can click through the message, or try to remove external drives/peripherals (printers, mmc cards) etc. before installing.

    I'd try again and this time, don't cancel halfway through rather than try and figure out what went wrong.


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