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Thread: Can't get audio working; HDMI audio or Onboard

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    Re: Can't get audio working; HDMI audio or Onboard

    I am not sure on that error. my suggestion

    Take that dmesg report and post it on the nvidia linux forums.

    As an option activate the x-swat ppa and upgrade to the 290.10 driver and try it that. The x-swat ppa will install some other files needed that you would not get from installing from the .run nvidia 290.10 download. make sure you have ppa-purge installed prior to installing anything from the x-swat ppa, that way if something breaks you can remove it easily. if you install the x-swat ppa then you can just run

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade and install the few files

    then run

    apt-cache policy nvidia-current

    and you should see the 290.10 or newer driver as a cadidate for installation and if you do then you can do a

    sudo apt-get install nvidia-current

    if it complains that nvidia-current is already installed then deactivate the nvidia current driver from the applet and recheck the apt-apt cache policy and then sudo apt-get install nvidia-current. you also want to install after that is complete sudo apt-get install libvdpau1 and libvdpau-dev, it might say that libvdpau1 is the newest that is fine but you need to install vdpau to use HD in myth.

    your card maybe new enuff that you need to have newer drivers then what you have AND you might need the 3.3rc1 kernel. but I would try the above first. Your eld should be supplying a list of features about your coard capabilities AND what monitor (hdmi) device and eld is active.

    Your HDMI connection is to a tv or a rcvr and you are connected to that device currently while you are testing right.

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