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For installation I did always boot with holding down the option key and using a usb stick. So to get it work, you have to use a CD and boot while pressing the c key, did i understand it correctly?

And where did your bios_grub partition come from? Only from using the ubuntu installer and choosing to install on the whole disk (while using a cd and the c key)? Or do you need a working Mac OS X install beforehand and use a additional partition?
1. yes i'm using cd. if we use the cd as installer media, then (for some isos) when we first start the mac to boot from cd (i'm pressing option key while boot to show the available disk to boot) , the cd will show two options, Windows and EFI Boot. pick the Windows option as for the EFI Boot will intent to patch the mac's EFI boot loader when the installment is in progress

2. now that bios_grub partition, IDK where it come from, all i know that the gparted will create it automatically along with the installment process. as i previously describe, i still don't know how to recreate this process manually

for the test, try to swap your internal hard disk with a MBR scheme's test hdd , and use all of the space for ubuntu. the disk doesn't have to have osx installed. it should be working in my experience