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I have a few questions here. If I man dd, it gives me this, NAME
 dd - convert and copy a file

       dd [OPERAND]...
       dd OPTION
Is this what you meant? Is this the right shell command? If this is a unix tool, I could easily set something up in the file that handles password authentication (what file(s) is(are) that?), BUT, BUT is there a way of securing my drive if someone rips it out without my knowledge, put's it in another machine (doesn't boot into ubuntu) and tried to access the drive with some type of software cracking program? How can I set it up to nuke the drive in this case?
Yes dd is a unix tool, common to all unix derrivatives. It copys bit for bit from one location to another and possesses the ability to convert.

The syntax is
dd if=input/directory of=out/put directory
We usually use this to copy and convert an iso to a usb stick, or copy an entire hard drive to an image file, but in the example I gave you, I list the /dev/urandom file as the input diretory and the hard drive as the output - dd will then use the /dev/urandom file as a random number generator and write to the disk.

I'm unclear what block size argument you would use following the command above. for backups I use -bs=64 to get a good balance of speed - I've seen other online guides use 512, that would be much faster still, but I suspect if it's data destruction, you'd want to go with bs=1... this would take a VERY long time for a large 2tb drive.