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Thread: Dual-Booting with Windows Vista and Ubuntu

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    Dual-Booting with Windows Vista and Ubuntu

    I have Windows Vista and Ubuntu 11.04 dual-booting. The only bad thing is when I boot my computer it starts 'Windows Boot Managaer' and defaults to Windows Vista. Is there anyway I can make it default to Ubuntu, or even better, get it to start in GRUB instead of Windows boot manager.

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    Re: Dual-Booting with Windows Vista and Ubuntu

    Did you install proper dual boot or wubi inside windows?

    With proper dual boot it would install grub2 on the MBR unless you told it otherwise during the install. The default is grub2 on the MBR.

    If you still have windows bootloader you either have wubi, or you told grub2 to install on a partition, not the MBR.
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    Re: Dual-Booting with Windows Vista and Ubuntu

    If you installed using Wubi, do NOT attempt to reinstall GRUB -- that will not help and will only make things worse.

    You should boot into Windows, enter "MSCONFIG" in the Start area, and when that appears, select the Startup Tab, and then change the default selection there.
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