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Thread: Black screen booting

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    Black screen booting

    Hello everyone,
    I tried to boot ubuntu from usb stick, but it gives me black screen right after booting, the screen goes off, and I can hear the welcome sound, I read about using nomodeset but I couldn't figure out how to do that, because I didn't install ubuntu yet, the problem comes with usb,
    My laptop is hp g6
    I'm trying to boot ubuntu 11.10

    Thanks in adcance

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    Re: Black screen booting

    I had this problem with live cd:
    The solution for my was to press (many times) F10 after the bios splash screen,
    then I did F6 and choose nomodeset to start the live disk.
    Hope it helps
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    Re: Black screen booting

    Thanks man, I tried it, I hit f6 and f10 many times and nothing happen, I have hp g6 it might be something wrong with it


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